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Earn Blockchain Rewards With Nom Noms 

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How it works:

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A direct link is sent to your email address to download the very first version of our mobile app (You'll get 200 tokens right away).

Buy Nom Noms Products

Purchase your Nom Noms World Food products at your local market (online and virtual experiences coming soon).

Scan QR Code on Package

Instantly collect your tokens by scanning the QR code located inside the packagng using our mobile app.

Earn Crypto as Reward

Collect valuable NOM-NOMS tokens as a reward for your purchase.

Earn. With Every Interaction.

NOM-NOMS Tokens are redeemable. As you shop our products, interact with our partners, and engage in our augmented experiences to earn NOM-NOMS tokens, you put some extra money in your pocket to spend on all of your favorites.

Immerse Yourself In A World Like You've Never Seen Before. 

Discover, experience and impact the world by entering the Nom Noms World Digital Reality. Using your exclusive Nom-Noms Virtual Tokens, you'll be able to travel to places like you've never seen, experience and live like the locals and even change lives in the real world, through a world-first VR & AR experience.

Grow With Us. 

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